Legere French Cut Alto Saxophone Reed

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Légère’s NEW French Cut Reeds

We are incredibly pleased to introduce the French Cut by Légère for Alto and Tenor Saxophone, and Bb Clarinet: a reed dedicated to players seeking a dark tone with the perfect amount of resistance. This symphonic reed brings a dark, centered tone allowing for profound expression, from your softest pianissimo through robust fortissimo.

Unlike our other flagship reeds that are designed to bring out high register overtones, the French Cut deliberately suppresses excess top end, offering a deep and intense body of sound without sacrificing response.

A reimagined profile lies at the heart of the French Cut. Precision-designed to elevate the classical and orchestral playing experience, it boasts an even distribution of material across its vamp with our trademark thinner tip. This balance ensures responsiveness paired with the right touch of resistance, enriching the sound with a resonant body. It's a reed that authentically speaks to tradition while bringing forth a nuanced depth.

While the French Cut has been specifically designed for classical and orchestral playing, we understand that every reed responds differently to a player’s personal set up and embouchure. We encourage jazz, concert band, and other players to give it a try!

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