Temby Custom Tenor Saxophone Matte Gold

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The sax is beautifully hand finished by carefully brushing the base coats of lacquer & then clear lacquering over to give a lustrous & deep finish.The keywork is highly polished & gold lacquered making a stunning combination. The sound is similar to the Temby professional model saxophone with a few slightly different nuances. Temby Australia saxophones have been manufactured for more than 20 years. All design, devopment & modelling work is done in Australia with input from many professional musicians. All heavy engineering is then undertaken with their machinery in Taiwan.Final work is then carried out in their workshops in Melbourne, Australia. The Temby Australia Saxophone is an instrument that compares favourably with saxes costing thousands of dollars more. Due to a commitment to reliability, quality engineering, materials & unqiue features it is no surprise there are now many professional musicians around the world who now play Temby Australia saxophones.Temby Australia saxophones have unique features that set them apart from other brands including genuine mother of pearl key touches from Broome Western Australia, fast & smooth actuating roller octave mechanism for correct alignment of the left thumb-reduces the chance of discomfort in the left hand & wrist, plus carbon steel springs for a light & fast key action & Temby's ultra keywork for a mechanically quiet mechanism. Each model has its own individual & beautiful sound-all have warmth when needed & plenty of clarity & projection when you want. These are incredibly versatile saxophones featuring the ultimate in reliability & playing security combined with superb quality design, workmanship & finish. The comprehensive three year warranty & Temby deluxe flight case completes the set

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