Padua College Eastman VL50SBC Violin Rental Kit

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Padua College Violin Rental Kit - Includes Violin, Case, Bow, Rosin, Shoulder Rest

Samuel Eastman and Dunov student violins display our commitment to 19th century hand craftsmanship and quality solid tonewoods and fittings. This model has received praise from the most exacting critics of all: school and private studio teachers. Not content to make a merely serviceable student violin, we have crafted these instruments by hand from seasoned tonewoods, and installed top quality ebony fittings. Our student violins offer unparalleled quality of sound and playability in an entry level instrument.

Finish: High-Gloss Varnish
Fingerboard: Ebony
Top: Chinese Spruce
Back/Ribs: Chinese Maple
Purfling: Hand-inlaid
Bridge: Despiau
Fittings: Ebony
Available Patterns: Stradivari
Outfit : Setup with case, bow and Tonica Strings

How do i choose the correct size?

A violin fits if you can reach the notes comfortably with your left hand when holding the violin in the correct playing position. You should also be able to wrap your left hand comfortably around the curve of the scroll with a little bit of bend still left in your arm.

Most adults (and some children from around age 10) will require a full-size violin. It depends on the length of your arm and what you feel you can hold comfortably. When holding up a violin, it should also not feel too heavy and it should be possible to grip the top of the fingerboard with your hand, while still bending your arm easily at the elbow. If an adult feels more comfortable doing this on a 7/8, which is slightly smaller, rather than a full-sized instrument then it’s fine for them to play a violin of this size.


VIOLIN SIZE LENGTH (Neck to wrist)
1/8 38.5 cm, 15 ¼ inches
1/4 44 cm,17 ¼ inches
1/2 48.5 cm,19 inches
3/4 52 cm, 20 ½ inches
4/4 54 cm, 21 ¼ inches
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