Padua College Temby Debut Flute

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Delivery time: These will be delivered to Padua College in February 2024

If you have been considering buying an entry level student flute then the Temby Debut flute is offers great value for money. This flute will suit most beginning players requirements perfectly & encourage rapid skill development.

The high quality of design, materials and attention to detail in the making of the Debut flute ensures that the instrument will always function correctly with consistent use.

The instrument’s head, body and foot tubes are made from highest quality nickel silver tubing (plated with fine silver). The material is selected for its ability to produce a nicer sound with less effort. The keywork is forged from solid nickel silver for maximum strength. Each instrument is hand assembled and adjusted for maximum precision, speed and smoothness of operation.

Unlike most “assembly line” flutes, the embouchure hole is hand finished for maximum response and helps the beginning player to produce a more controlled airflow, resulting in easier production of a nicer sound, and more control of the instrument.

The keywork design, like all other Temby flutes, is ergonomically designed for comfort and smooth operation.

The Temby Debut flute comes complete with a Temby case and carry bag.

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