Pearl Quantz 525E Flute

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Pearl PF 525 E flute, Quantz-Series, silver plated headjoint with sterling silver lipplate and riser, silver plated nickel thomann silver mechanic, body and footjoint, pointed-cup arms, off-set, E-mechanism, closed keys, incl. case,,Please Note: While there are new instruments available from other countries that cost significantly less, The Music Place only chooses to stock products that we know meet our stringent quality demands so that you may be assured of playability, reliability and resale value from all our instruments. .925 lip plate, nickel silver headjoint, body and foot.

Head Joint Material: Nickel Silver, Sterling Silver Lip-plate
Body Material: Nickel Silver
Key Arms: Pointed Arm
G key: Offset
Foot Joint: C Foot
E Mechanism: Split E
C# Trill key: No
Warranty: 3 Years
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