Pearl Quantz 765 Sterling Silver Flute

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The Pearl 765 flute is excellent value for money with its Sterling Silver Head joint, body and foot and Silver clad keywork, aspiring Flautists have never been so fortunate. Every Pearl flute has French pointed arms - an industry first, the Pearl patented Pinless construction which eliminates the problems of traditional flute construction - protruding needles that snag clothing and give easy entry to perspiration and body acids causing corrosion and binding keys. Pearl flutes have additional bridge mechanisms that add strength to the entire mechanism. Plus, socket-head screws are inserted from the underside of the key work, preventing the entry of perspiration into the mechanism.

Head Joint Material: Sterling Silver
Body Material: Sterling Silver, Silver-Plated Mechanism
Key Arms: Pointed Arm
G key: Offset
Foot Joint: B Foot
E Mechanism: Split E
C# Trill key: No
Warranty: 3 Years
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