Warburton P.E.T.E Pro

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The Warburton P.E.T.E Pro is an extreme workout tool for the altissimo player. comes with detailed instructions. It is an advanced-level isometric strengthening tool to be used by experienced players. It is important that users have well-developed embouchure strength and/or previous experience with the P.E.T.E. for Brass before using this model. Players who are required to regularly play in the extreme upper register, or those who have reached a plateau in their efforts with the original P.E.T.E. will find that the P.E.T.E. PRO provides them with the additional challenge they’re looking for. The P.E.T.E PRO has a larger disk than the standard P.E.T.E increaseing the workout for you chops. These are brass and available in a finish of either silver or gold plate

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