Warburton P.E.T.E. - Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser

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"This has been very influential in the upkeep of my chops" - Carl Fischer

The P.E.T.E. is a unique tool to use to perform isometric exercises that strengthen and develop the embouchure. The P.E.T.E. is the only tool on the market that exercises the exact musculature involved in playing wind instruments. Regular use of the P.E.T.E. will result in increased endurance and flexibility, and for many players, increased range.

There are a few ways to use the P.E.T.E. :

• Place the round plate in your mouth behind your lips but in front of your teeth and just let it sit there whilst you hold it. The weight from the rod will warm the area up and as you progress you will find your embouchure tighten. This emulates playing long tones. Repeat 2 more times.

• Then place it the same way, behind the lips in front of the teeth but this time you will pull the rod and resist by using your embouchure. This is an isometric exercise which is the aim to build strong embouchure muscles. The support muscles are the muscles surrounding your lips. Repeat 2 more times.

• The third way is place the smaller end with round rubber piece on it in the middle of your embouchure. Place the rubber disc against your teeth and close your lips around it engaging the muscles, and holding the P.E.T.E. at 90º angle. Once it lowers stop straight away. Repeat this action 2 more times.


In the beginning the above exercises may only take a few seconds per activity but it is important to not over do them. You will be surprised how quickly you will increase that time over the coming weeks.

| Jenter 21-09-2020 04:41

A while back I was having trouble with endurance and couldn't work out why. After playing for 25+ years it was something I hadn't had a problem with before, and my teacher suggested I buy a Warburton P.E.T.E. and give it a try.

WOW! My mind was blown, with just 5 mins a day I found not only my endurance but my range improved out of site. I went from a solid D above top C, to a solid G above that, which for my playing is more than enough. My endurance went from 1.5 hours constant to 3 hours.

The P.E.T.E. is so easy and mind blowing. I strongly suggest getting one if you live in an apartment and can play your horn, or if you are struggling with range and endurance.

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