Gonzalez Professional Oboe Reed - European Scrape

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The handmade Gonzalez oboe reeds were developed by oboe teacher Juan José Gonzalez who oversees the manufacture of every reed.
Worked with extremely precise machinery from carefully selected raw materials, they are a professional model, ideal for the advanced student and orchestra soloists.
The cane material used comes from Gonzalez's own plantations, cultivated ecologically at the foot of the Andes mountain range.  This allows for the perfect cane to be selected every time.

Available in 3 sizes, depending on the original cane tube diameter:
- 9.5mm - 10mm (open) - Hard
- 10mm - 10.5mm (medium) - Medium
- 10.5mm - 11mm (closed) - Soft

Only available in European sizes.

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