Start Playing Again


Did you have a great time playing an instrument at school but later on, things got in the way and you stopped playing?

Very few people lose their passion for playing music. Things just sometimes get in the way and people stop playing for one reason or another. There is no doubt that adults who come back to playing (often in the 30-60 age period) have a different attitude towards their music making. Let's talk - fun factor, de-stressing, motivation, inspiration and taking time to get things right. Adults generally are happy to gain new and higher skills and enjoyment by sheer repetition and patient practice. Often, as a younger person, it is easier to be distracted and you may not have had the level of desire and dedication that comes with maturity. Over decades, we have regularly been treated to adults re-born music participation - and most keep on going from strength to strength - with renewed passion.

How do you get re-started? It's really easy... just visit us and spend as much time as you like trying out out new equipment and talk through the re-learning processes, teachers, back-up support, teaching aids, etc. Great news! Advancements in technology and designs have improved many instruments and mouthpieces dramatically, even over the past 10 years. Playing is now easier than ever and prices have decreased relatively. If you still have an instrument, bring it with you so we can make sure that it is the correct model for you as an adult. We will also be able to assess whether it needs servicing or repairs and offer options for you to consider. It is important that your instrument is capable of taking you where you want to go with your music. Sold your instrument, or handed it back to your school when you finished? Come and have some fun with ours! Start playing again - it's fun (and relaxing).


Never played but have always had a dream that you will play one day?

You are not alone! Many, many people have always dreamed of playing a particular instrument, it's very common. Maybe you or your family were not in a position to allow you to learn to play when you were younger. Perhaps you were a star at football, swimming, cricket, tennis, art, cooking, dressmaking or one of many other activities and didn't have time to learn to play a musical instrument. Since you left school and have taken on responsibilities, maybe you have heard or seen musicians playing particular instruments like sax, flute, trumpet and thought "I could really do that and love it!" "I could really get into this and play with some friends who already play guitar or other instruments" "I can imagine myself being a rock star" "I just want to take my mind off work and all the other pressures that I can't seem to escape - playing an instrument will do that I am sure"

What do you do now? It's simple. Come and spend as much time as you like with us. We can help you identify which type of instrument will suit you (if you don't already know). Next, we will give you a quick "crash course" and get you playing a simple tune. You will find out very quickly if you like the concept and feel of playing and decide whether you want to take up an instrument (or not). Nothing ventured - nothing gained, and this much costs you absolutely nothing.

If you want to explore further, then we can talk with you about the styles of music that you are interested in playing, how to get the best start, what teaching aids you should consider having, what is the best way to learn (depending on how you gather and process information) who are the teachers that are relevant and available to you, what are the best instrument options for you as an individual and anything else you may have questions about.

You should allow around an hour (and sometimes more) to explore - we will make sure that it is a fun and non-confronting experience for you. You will have a great time with us - that's for sure!

If you are unsure about what to invest to get started, perhaps our RENTAL options are for you.