Ridenour Bass Clarinet to Low Eb with pro Mouthpiece

Article number: 210000002478
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The new Lyrique Bb bass clarinet which plays to the standard low Eb is a professional quality bass in every respect except price. The Ridenour Lyrique bass has been completely redesigned from the ground up with a smooth, quiet, durable mechanism. It features a double register key, adjustable neck for tuning, a left hand Ab/Eb key, a middle joint lock for consistent assembly, and a fly wheel to facilitate secure adjustment of the bass peg. It's tone is both resonant and warm, has an outstanding scale and an even non-quirky blowing resistance. Bass clarinetists will be amazed at how beautiful it sounds, plays and tunes and students who are making the transition from the Bb soprano clarinet to the bass will find it very "user friendly'
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