Ridenour Lyrique Libertas II Hard Rubber Bb Clarinet

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The Lyrique Libertas II Bb clarinet

The Lyrique Libertas II is the clarinet I've hoped to make for over a decade now, a clarinet that possesses many of the same playing and acoustical characteristics of the Opus/Concerto clarinets I designed in the 1990s...but with a big difference: these clarinets play better than any clarinets, wood or hard rubber, I've ever played, and of course, they won't crack and break your heart.

The Lyrique Libertas is a clarinet for those who would prefer more freedom, flexibility, lower-register resonance, and color variability than the Lyrique 576.

The Lyrique Libertas comes with two barrels, swab, cork grease and a beautiful case.

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