Rovner Ligature & Cap Set - Legacy

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Who Plays It?,The powerhouse is for any player seeking the ultimate in "presence" and projection. It is enjoyed by the demanding jazz/rock/blues sax player delivering a high-energy performance, even in an amplified setting. The Legacy is also an excellent choice for any clarinetist whose playing style pushes the envelope of dynamics and expression. Marching band players can employ the Legacy to compete with an overpowering brass section, without sacrificing tone and intonation.,,Features:,Incredible cut and projection,Superior articulation and increased facility,Competes with amplified instruments even when played acoustically,Holds tone and intonation even when played triple fortissimo!,Includes a Rovnerᆰ cap,,UPGRADE YOUR LIGATURE AT ANYTIME WITH THE ROVNER TURBO CHARGER KIT
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