S.E. Shires Model Q30 Tenor Trombone with Axial-Flow F Attachment

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Using the resources of S.E. Shires' parent company, the Eastman Music Company, Shires have been able to develop a more affordable class of professional brass instrument, it is called the Q Series. Q Series are entry level professional instruments that have many of the same features as their custom counterparts. When you purchase a Q Series instrument you join the S. E. Shires family, a family which includes some of the finest professional musicians in the world. The Q30YA features a two-piece, hand-hammered yellow brass bell with our axial-flow valve, which gives the trombone a clear, singing tone with a more open and broad tonal quality. It is a versatile large bore instrument, the Q30YA features a 8 1/2-inch 'QTY' bell made up of a two-piece, hand-hammered 'QI' taper in yellow brass with soldered bead, giving this trombone excellent projection and clarity. Paired with a nickel slide crook, articulation is crisp and brilliant. The axial-flow valve features an extremely open low register paired with a broad, encompassing tone quality in all registers. At home in any ensemble, the Q30YA large bore trombone is an excellent choice for any trombonist. The Q30YA trombone is also compatible with the rest of the S.E. Shires Custom Series trombones so if you want to extend your options you can also insert a custom part, ie; bell, tuning slide, slide. The world is your oyster with the Shires Q Series!
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