Silverstein Estro Gen. 5 Ligature

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The first thing you will notice is how free the reed becomes. The difference can also be seen in laboratory comparison tests that clearly show the much more defined harmonic partials present which helps produce a richer, fuller sound. The surface of the Estro ligature is polished like a mirror and plated with solid Gold/ Platinum. Premium Zircon gemstones were added on the top and Harmonic Enhancers by artisans. The Estro has a new type of fine tuners that touch the surfaces of a mouthpiece. The harmonic enhancers increase resonance of a mouthpiece and help generate a fuller sound by increasing and balancing overtone harmonics. Each harmonic enhancer is decorated with matching crystals by our artisans. All Silverstein ligatures come with an OmniCap made from high grade silicon. It is small enough to fit in a narrow case, secures and protects delicate mouthpiece tip and reed, protects mouthpiece rail, preserves reed moisture, is easily washable and best of all makes no sound when dropped. All 2019 model ligatures are resizable. You can easily adjust ligature size with a standard 1.5mm hex wrench. Now, you don't need to worry if you get a new mouthpiece.
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