Silverstein Leo Tenor Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpiece

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LEO 1920 Special Edition

Introducing the ‘LEO’ Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece. Made of the finest ‘1920s formula’ eburnated German bar rubber, LEO was born to exceed the warmth and control of the best vintage mouthpieces. As you play this mouthpiece, its tone will continually improve as the rubber matures. Our technology combines old-world materials with modern design to produce a superior performance suitable for all musical styles: Classical and Jazz.

The mouthpiece features a medium facing for maximum compatibility with reeds. Choose from several tip openings to find the perfect tone and resistance. The inner design of the chamber and baffle supports superb intonation, articulation and dynamics, and the brass collar adds stability, harmonics and an elegant aesthetic. Each LEO is individually numbered, play-tested and then hand-finished by our master craftsmen to produce the best combination of tone, volume and flexibility.

Experience LEO for yourself – find your voice!


The Silverstein “LEO” saxophone mouthpiece is what happens when everything is done the right way. Warmth, pitch, projection and balance – The “LEO” has it all. This is a mouthpiece that will surely suit the demands and needs of saxophone players for generations to come – regardless of the style or genre of music they favor.”

-Greg Osby


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