Silverstein Quattro Gen. 5 Ligature

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The QUATTRO is our affordable four-cord version with two fine tuners. It is designed to provide an open, free-blowing approach while maintaining warmth and definition. Add two additional fine tuners for an instant upgrade to produce a richer sound with even more harmonics!

    • Yellow Gold plating (18k) and Silver versions each offer the same easy playability and full sound.
  • NEW! Patented Rocking Bridge

    Gen. 5 Silverstein ligatures are distinguished by a completely redesigned bridge. The rocking action of the bridge automatically achieves an optimal alignment with your mouthpiece. And, the elongated feet provide secure grip to prevent slipping, even when quickly changing mouthpieces. The direct contact of the bridge feet on the mouthpiece acts as resonance plates, which further integrates your setup for maximum and efficient sound production.

Also included:

  • OmniCap
  • Rocking Bridge rubber shoes
  • 1.5mm hex wrench
  • User manual with warranty registration card
  • 1-Year Warranty


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