Spacefiller Brass Instrument Lubricant

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Spacefiller Quality Lubricants were developed to be the first 'true' lubricant for brass instruments. The biggest problem with brass lubricants is they are based primarily with petroleum distillates, are toxic and evaporated fairly quickly leaving a slight residue. This product practically eliminates that problem. Spacefiller Quality Lubricants are totally non-toxic, containing no petroleum distillates. ,,In developing Spacefiller, it was known that over 80% of brass instruments have their valves, piston or rotor, machined...thus we developed Spacefiller Ultimate I. It's viscosity is suited to the tolerance of machined valves. ,,Several manufacturers of brass instruments want the tolerance of their valves to be as tight as possible. Spacefiller Ultimate II was developed for 'hand lapped' valves. The viscosity of this product is suited for the tight tolerance of those valves. ,,Spacefiller TS is a remarkable slide lubricant that not only doesn't gum up but also does not build up on the inside of the inner tubes, which is very common to other slide products. This product is also wonderful on all mechanisms on the instrument.
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