Syos Originals Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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Our streamlined range of pre-designed mouthpieces for all saxophone types comes in three different sound options — SMOKY (dark), STEADY (balanced) or SPARK (bright). Easy to pick up but hard to let go!


- A dark and warm sound thanks to its extra large chamber
- A great projection thanks to its low step baffle
- Perfect for nice jazz ballads with Stan Getz's style of sound



- A perfect balance of brilliance and warmth in the sound
- A really flexible and homogeneous mouthpiece thanks to its curved baffle and large chamber
- You can really play all styles of music, from jazz ballads to rock and funk.



- A really bright and centered sound thanks to its medium chamber
- A lot of power and projection thanks to its step baffle
- Perfect to cut through in rock or funk bands. David Sanborn's style of sound.

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