Temby Elite .925 Flute

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Ideal for advanced students semi professional flautists & weekend warriors .925 Head, body & foot gives the Elite models an exceptional room filling tone qulaity.The B foot gives you a low B as well a more solid sound across the range.The lip plate & embouchure hole design is advanced & is hand finished for superior articulation, intonnation, tone & ease of playing. Feel the warmth & richness at low volumes and the full sound with clarity & projection at high volume.The same unsurpassed reliability of all of the Temby range encourages players to achieve high levels of enjoyment & skill.

Head Joint Material: Sterling Silver
Body Material: Sterling Silver
Key Arms:
G key: Offset
Foot Joint: B Foot
E Mechanism: Split E
C# Trill key: No
Warranty: 3 Years
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