Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Refacing Basics Guide

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The only comprehensive book ever available on mouthpiece refacing.

Theo is a master mouthpiece refacer and capable of improving any mouthpiece.  He has taken the fundamental skills needed to do this art and put them into this wonderful book; 16 color pages of the best knowledge on how to reface mouthpieces.

The book is designed to impart the most important knowledge in a simple and clear way. 

You will learn the fundamental skills on how to:

  1. Understand the Anatomy of the Mouthpiece
  2. Tools needed for the job
  3. Measure a Tip Opening
  4. Hold the Mouthpiece Properly
  5. Flatten the Table
  6. Understand the Facing Curve
  7. Measure the Facing Curve
  8. A Chart of the best Facing Numbers to Use:  This alone is pure gold and worth buying the book!
  9. Reface the Curve
  10. Make the Tip Opening Bigger
  11. Make the Tip Opening Smaller
  12. Understand Baffle Types
  13. Form a New Baffle

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