Nuvo Toot 2.0 Mini Flute (Fife)

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For a child ready to progress from the recorder, the Nuvo Toot is the perfect next step to ultimately playing the flute. The set includes the NUVO ‘Firstnote’ lip plate which can be used in the early lessons while the student is learning posture, fingering and playing simple tunes. When ready, the Firstnote can be replaced by the regular lip plate which is also included. The Toot can bring a whole new sound to the recorder ensemble and give younger children the chance to learn important woodwind skills at an early age. Nuvo are passionate about improving instrument design. The Nuvo design process starts by taking a fresh look at the form, mechanisms and materials commonly found in traditional instruments, many of which have their design roots in the 1800s. Our instruments respectfully preserve the musicality of traditional instruments while adding modern innovations that make learning more effective, especially for children. * Two lip plates for the beginner flute player to progress with * Includes zippered bag * Available in different colours * Easy to wash and clean * Plays in tune
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