Vandoren Leather Ligature, with Plastic Cap

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The Leather ligature allows the performer to have a more compact, focused sound. It comes with three facing plates, much like those found with the Optimum ligature. This ligature is perfect for those musicians looking for a dark, lush tone for solo and ensemble playing,,Features:,' Genuine leather - handcrafted finish.,' Quick and precise tightening.,' 3 interchangeable pressure plates to adjust the sound. ,' Round and warm sound.,,The 3 Plates included are:,Metal plate - a more colorful and compact sound. The combination of a metal plate and a flexible ligature offers the player the best sonic qualities of both materials.,,Smooth leather plate - made from the same leather as the ligature, it creates a focused, compact sound that is slightly darker.,,'Supple' smooth leather plate - made from a more supple leather, it gives a rounder, more ample sound.

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