Vandoren V5 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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These mouthpieces are available in a wide variety of models that suit classical and jazz musicians. ,,The V5 series is characterized by a traditional round chamber. ,,A17: While maintaining perfect homogeneity in every register, it allies timbre and ease with richness of sound. ,A28: The alto saxophone reference in the V5 series. Rich sound, color, brilliance, and dynamic range. ,A27: The classic mouthpiece. It produces optimal homogeneity in tone throughout the instrument's range. ,A15: Very easy blowing. ,A25: Similar in conception to the A15 but a little more open. ,A20: For those looking for a compact, centered sound. ,A35: Open mouthpiece, well-adapted to all styles, both jazz and classical. ,A45: A warm, velvety sound. ,A55: The most open mouthpiece in the V5 range while conserving depth and roundness of sound.
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