Warburton Backore For Schilke Piccolo Trumpet

Article number: 210000010393
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Warburton back-bore for Shilke piccolo trumpet mouthpieces are designed as a system that facilitates the piccolo player. Allowing them to choose a rim diameter, cup style and depth, with a back-bore to best balance the players sound and resistance. The aim is to give the player the most efficient mouthpiece to be able perform in any given playing situation.

 The "STANDARD" (STD) series of Warburton back-bores have long established themselves as the most popular choice for nearly any playing situation. The back-bore sizes compliment the cup designs and further assist in the refinement and "fine-tuning" of the sound. Consideration has been given even to the placement of the back-bore into the receiver (amount of gap). The Warburton system allows the player the opportunity to personally "balance" their equipment. This can now be accomplished without the necessity of traveling to a mouthpiece maker or waiting for a mail-order custom made piece that often does not work and cannot be exchanged. Warburton back-bores are available in thirteen standard sizes for Trumpet, Cornet, Schilke Piccolo Trumpet and Blackburn Piccolo Trumpet.
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