Warburton Trombone Mouthpiece Backbore

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The Warburton mouthpiece system facilitates the brass player's choosing of a mouthpiece with the optimum combination of rim diameter, cup style and depth, and back-bore. This unique ability allows a player to fit together a mouthpiece that will best balance sound and resistance with his own instrument. The choices available with the Warburton system will afford one the most efficient mouthpiece with which to perform in any given playing situation. Warburton trombone back-bore Warburton and tops mean the system consists of interchangeable "TOP" sections and "BACK-BORE" sections. The back-bore designs complement the cup shapes and further assist in the "fine-tuning" of the sound. The Warburton system allows the player the opportunity to personally "balance" their equipment, a process that heretofore was not within grasp.
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