Yanagisawa S-WO20 Elite Bronze Soprano Saxophone

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It's hard to express just how good these soprano saxophones are. The usual issues inherent in playing soprano sax are no longer a concern when you're playing a Yanagisawa. Intonation, response, tonal depth - all are exquisite and easily controlled on these sopranos. Comes with straight and curved neck. The new models have re-adjusted right pinky keys' angle for a smoother fingering, new feet under the right side key levers (Bb, C, and high E) for a better touch, re-adjustment of the front F key for a better fingering, new design of joint rings (Bell to bow, bow to body), new design of an engraving on the bell, readjustment of the taper of the tube and tone holes size & position, a new source of brass, a brand-new stylish case with an outside compartment for ease of access and back pack design.
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